Created by Galbraiths & OrbitMI
Created by Galbraiths & OrbitMI
Created by Galbraiths & OrbitMI

Regulating carbon emission

The shipping industry emits around 940 million tonnes of CO2 annually, representing at least 2.5% of the world’s total CO2 emissions. CO2 regulations will increase freight cost significantly.

Maritime Carbon Solutions offers a unique solution that provides shipowners and cargo owners with precise and real-time information on CO2 emissions from ships.

The regulation of CO2 emissions from shipping will make this information  increasingly valuable for stakeholders.

Lowering emissions and costs

Updated information, allows the cargo owner to select the right ship with the lowest CO2 footprint and thereby reducing both transportation costs and climate emissions.

Using machine learning and algorithms, we provide stakeholders with precise estimates of emissions on a planned freight assignment, and continuous measurements of actual emissions én route. Cargo owners and carriers get a strong basis for choosing the right ship for the job, and to make adjustments during the voyage when possible, in order to cut emissions and costs.

Calculating all factors

Maritime Carbon Solutions’ system calculates conditions such as  wind, waves, current and visibility conditions to provide precise information on actual and expected CO2 emissions. We offer both historical and real-time data on CO2 emissions from the global fleet.

Maritime Carbon Solutions helps you make choices that benefit both your company and the environment.

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