Created by Galbraiths & OrbitMI
Created by Galbraiths & OrbitMI
Maritime Carbon Solutions

The Product

Launched in 2022, MCS offers software- and data products powered by machine learning and AI that enrich data quality, enable connected workflows, and accelerate decision making, leading to more profits, increased productivity, and reduced CO2 emissions.

MCS aggregates raw data from existing siloed systems, amplifies it via machine learning algorithms and AI. Data is then activated through enhanced workflows, dashboards, alerts and actionable insights, delivered to decisionmakers in real-time via desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Future-proof Technology

Backed by 24/7 support and enterprise-grade security, MCS is built on an open, modular architecture fed by webservice API’s which let MCS extend and adapt to maritime changes.

We extend the core features in MCS to create new workflows, features, and integrations that match the way your organization operates.

Maritime Carbon Solutions (MCS) offers a number of products to help you address the challenges of decarbonization and regulatory compliance.


Our platform includes a Carbon Estimator and Carbon Reporter which generate daily updates on greenhouse emissions, and give a detailed summary once a voyage is complete. The systems are easy to use and ease both your workload and worries regarding regulatory compliance. They use artificial intelligence and modern visualizations to let our account managers stay on top of your voyage, before the report hits your inbox.

Global map

The opening page shows a world map that displays all relevant vessels. In the map options panel, you’ll see various filters that can be applied to the map. By selecting MCS Carbon Reporter and choosing a vessel displayed on the map, you will see the voyage history of that particular vessel for the selected timeframe. You can look at a specific voyage by searching date range and voyage mode of the vessel.

Emissions estimator

The emissions estimator helps you predict the carbon impact of a voyage. You select a vessel, fill out the itinerary for the rest of this voyage, including port, laden status, and time in port. In the additional filters menu, you can select ECA and non ECA bunker, as well as set the weather factor.Clicking «calculate» you`ll get the complete emissions impact for this voyage, including consumption data broken down by ECA and non ECA zones, total CO2 emissions, as well as the totals for a number of volatile organic compounds.

The process before the process

MCS will collect data on fuel consuption on behalf of the charterer for the voyage. Owners are requested to report emission data through a web based form provided by MCS.

1: Include the MCS clause in the charterparty

2: Data collection:

Captains enter data in to one of the MCS Reporter´s pre-built voyage report templates.MCS Reporter packeages the report into a structural email format.

Using your email client, MCS Reporter sends data directly to MCS, where it is aggregated with other data feeds.

MCS collects the reported data and aggregates it in to a performance- and emission report.

Emission data

The system provides a detailed breakdown of emissions for the chosen voyage, including consumption and emission data segmented by compound and consumption data. Cargo data, including exact volume and tank utilization, is also available.

Voyage data includes different types of consumption, emissions and weather data, which show how different vessel behaviour correspond to different levels and types of emissions throughout the voyage.

Consumption details

In the consumption graph we can narrow down the displayed data by consumption type, including budgeted consumption, propulsion, cargo heating, and auxiliary. Data can be broken down by different organic compounds. The reliability of this data is very important to us. All data in our system is validated through multiple human and automated systems, as well as by AI. Suspicious information will be flagged, and an alert issued on both desktop and mobile devices.

1: Include the MCS clause in the charterparty

MCS provides visibility into relevant emissions indicators and ratios, as well as comprehensive data collection on all greenhouse gases, local pollutants and volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Key Features

Mobile Application

Key featuresAvailable on Android and iOS devices. Be notified about unplanned deviations always and anywhere. Intervene directly from your mobile device

MCS features are also available on mobile application, from map to report management.

Performance analyses

In addition to MCS Carbon Reporter and MCS Carbon Estimator, which are displayed in real time, we have also developed MCS Vessel Performance Analytics. This product provides in-depth performance reports on both individual and multiple voyages at both vessel- and fleet level. It provides benchmark data that let you compare your performance to other vessels in the same class, operating on similar trade routes.

Maritime Carbon Solutions

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